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Why Michael Wallace?
They include:
  1. Maximizing Your Campus Media
  2. Balancing Act: Blending Solid                                                                
    Reporting with Compelling Writing
  3. Earning While Learning
  4. From Point of Attack to Print
  5. Resumes’ and Cover Letters That Impress
  6. Landing That First Internship/Job
  7. Setting Short-term and Long-term Career Goals ... And Reaching Them
  8. Changes and Trends in Today’s Media
  9. Between the Lines: How to Cover Race, Crime, Controversy and Chaos
    (Presentations can be catered to high school and middle school students)

Additionally, our visits can include:
  • Campus newspaper reviews/ critiques
  • One-on-one rap sessions with journalism students
  • Resume, cover letter and clips critiques/advice
  • Career counseling/network sessions
Not many people get to say they’re working their dream job.
Michael Wallace can, after finally achieving what he’d set out to
accomplish over a decade ago. On Oct. 16, 2006, Wallace was
hired by
The Miami Herald to cover the Miami Heat and the NBA.

Four years later in October 2010, he was hired by ESPN.com to
cover the same beat. Accomplishing those career goals don't
mean it's time to stop learning and growing.
You might ask why us? But who better
can connect with students than
someone recently in their position,
someone who shared their budding
curiosity before charting a path to one
of the top newspapers and beats in
the country?

We can’t guarantee students a job,
but we can offer a gameplan to
interest, guide, inspire and motivate
them  to tackle our rewarding and
challenging field.

Our presentation fits any Mass
Communication, Journalism or English
curriculum. Feedback is critical, so
ample time is set aside for Q&A
sessions to candidly address
questions, ideas and experiences.
Topics We Cover
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Making the Connection
Still not convinced a visit would impact your program and students? Click on our
Headlines and On The Record pages and see what others are saying.
As the news and industry evolve, so do the
issues and topics our presentation covers.
But there are fundamental areas that serve
as our bedrock discussion points.
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Photo Credit: Adam Chapman
Photo Credit: Ariel Mercado
Michael Wallace addresses journalism students during a
guest lecture at the University of Mississippi in 2005. An
excerpt of Wallace's Q&A session was featured in the
college journalism textbook,
Sports Media: Reporting,
Producing and Planning
, published by Focal Press.
But it has been a journey that has provided a compelling testimony and just one
humble blueprint that might help to inspire and navigate students toward their
career goals. Let us share our path with you.

If you are a college administrator, educator or campus media advisor looking for
an industry professional to reach your students,
contact us.
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